Creme de la Creme
Art Series for UK English Home - Showing May 2017 (17)

Renovating a large English Home to 7 bedrooms, 3 living rooms, a large kitchen with many dishwashers and even more ovens was a three year  project for my friends who live on Gabriola, BC, Canada.  Two benefits came my way, the first was being able to look after Molly their golden retriever over the 3 years.  The second opportunity was when the suggestion that I create paintings for their walls to decorate for the Home Staging was accepted.  

The Obstacles were:

  • Shipping: I chose mylar plastic to paint on, and shipped 11 paintings in one tube roll.  Challenge: I had the technical skills but had never painted on mylar.  
  • Framing: research resulted in a brilliant framing system that puts the art work 1.5 inches suspended from the wall.  Challenge: the framing system was in the USA.  
  • Abstraction Request to move to abstraction?  So I added humour with words and and also included a few impressionistic paintings.

The abstracted pet paintings will go to children's bedrooms and the African animals will hang in the Study on the lower floor.  The Snug where the TV is looks out to a courtyard garden.  I painted the garden chairs and the blue gate for this room.  The dining room will likely have the drippy paintings and I think the living room will have the woven abstract paintings.  The Hydrangea painting is going to a guest bedroom with the title of "HY Stranger".  I'm still working on two more pieces, one is "Coast to Coast" which I will bring to England with me in May when I go over to see how they look.  


Before the Hanging

Snug Living area

The Two Kids
Recent Paintings (8)

Painting is a gift to me from the universe.  My passion is placing beautiful art into homes.  Painting many different subjects, allows me to create paintings in the way that I see the world.

Their are group Gallery shows on the island of Gabriola, BC, organized by individual artists and the Gabriola Arts Council also has one show a year to fundraise.  I teach grades 4-7, After School Art club, and this year we chose tropical fish, it was an unusual snowy winter.  In teaching Basic Acrylics, I demonstrate a painting to finish, during the class.  The also chooses painting themes, resulting in 14 paintings. The FCA or, also has juried shows.  Eight times a year,  the Palette People of Gabriola Artists challenge me with a topic to paint. These hang in various locations.  

A Vintage Beemer
Group of Several .com (7)

I paint with the Group of Several, which is more than two artists.  Our mandate is to have joy, comraderie, learning and support while painting.  We paint a topic assignment in a Signature Grouping, of art each year.

This March/April of 2017, we have had a retrospective of art work created over 5 years.  

The Cars, that we chose to paint for this January Signature Grouping have been amazingly popular, a surprise to us.  There are prints in the Gabriola Auto Garage, their is a request for the original groupings to hang at a Fundraising Sock Hop dance May 30th 2017. 

The 1910 Vintage Horse Firetruck, created in 2015 is 4 by 5 feet, including 16 sections painted by 11 artists.  It was donated to our new Firehall along with portraits of Firefighters.


Drumbeg Park
Landscapes (7)

With beautiful coastlines and parks surrounding our island, the brush wants to play on the canvas.  Visit me please, cries out to me as I drive and I am caught by the ray of light, the shimmer of the sunset or the very flourescent green of spring.  

Cat Bravo
Immortalize Your Significant Other (22)

People are our most Significant Others.

  • I enjoy every commission I receive, but pets are way less critical of my painting.
  • Commissions are still very special for me to do.  
  • I enjoy the relationship the owner has for their pet, such unconditional love. 

Modern Dog Summer 2007

Ikea 8-Love
Abstracted Tulips (3)

To learn the acrylics medium, I began with these abstracted tulips in vases.  Larger canvases were fun and liberating.  I realize that the abstracts in the English Studio are much looser to these tulip paintings.  I called them my Ikea Tulips.